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Best Noni Concentrate 650 mg 150 VCaps
Best Noni Concentrate 650 mg 150 VCaps
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Best Noni Concentrate is a whole-food supplement containing pure non-GMO Noni fruit powder (Morinda citrifolia). Recognized as a valuable food by the U.S. government for nearly 60 years, Noni fruit contains vitamin C, enzymes and other beneficial substances. Noni fruit has a long history of traditional use in South Pacific island societies as a versatile folk remedy.


-Science-Based Nutrition
-Dietary supplement
-Morinda citrifolia Fruit


-Multifaceted Antioxidant Support*
-Helps Maintain Healthy Cellular
-Lifecycles and Growth*

Abundant in Phytochemicals
As of 2010, over 100 bioactive compounds have been discovered in noni fruit. Among the phytochemical classes are flavonoids (including rutin & quercetin), coumarins (scopoletin), fatty acids, iridoids, lignans, phytosterols ( sitosterol), polysaccharides, and terpenoids. Researchers speculate that this diversity of compounds-in addition to possible synergistic actions between them-could explain the equally diverse traditional uses for noni over for centuries. In vitro examination of noni fruit extract revealed antioxidant activity as potent as that of vitamin E.

Four saccharide fatty acid esters from noni fruit, including one that was newly discovered, displayed anti-inflammatory activity in mice that was even more potent than the action of quercetin, which is another natural compound found in noni and one that is revered for its antioxidant and inhibitory activity. Another study that discovered two new lignans in noni fruit also found that these lignans-in addition to several other compounds-inhibited inflammatory enzymes found in humans, in vitro.8 In yet another study that investigated inflammation and immune response, noni fruit puree was used experimentally both in mice and in human monocyte (white blood cell) culture. The results were impressive in both respects, demonstrating inhibition of MMP-9 (a marker of inflammation) in the cell cultures and inhibition of inflammatory enzymes in the mice.

Iridoids: Not found in your average fruit
Iridoids are a class of plant compounds that have demonstrated a wide range of bioactivity, including physiological actions that have potential to enhance health in humans.10 While most fruit abounds with various flavonoids, this is not the case with iridoids. Noni, on the other hand, boasts a higher content of iridoids than flavonoids-including an unusual and active iridoid named citrifolnin A that shows remarkable activity in vitro. The major iridoids in noni fruit, as determined by HPLC analysis done in 2010, are deacetylasperulosidic acid (DDA) and asperulosidic acid (AA). Having worked extensively with noni, the researchers making this discovery proposed that the DDA & AA may be contributors to many of noniís wide spectrum of health-promoting effects. Animal studies have illustrated the utility of asperulosidic acid in promoting the maintenance of healthy cell function in the face of extreme adversity (toxic insults). Additionally, deacetylasperulosidic acid has been found in vitro to inhibit lipid oxidation at a strikingly high level for a natural compound.

Leading Edge Noni Findings
In a 2010 study of rats put on a high-fat diet, some of the rats were also fed noni fruit extract. The fruit extract helped a subgroup of rats in the study maintain a significantly more preferable level of blood lipids than those not receiving the noni extract. The researchers believe that Morinda citrifolia achieves these results in part through the inhibition of HMG Co-A, but that other mechanisms-such as the flavonoid content of noni-are probably also contributing to the inhibition of lipid biosynthesis. Furthermore, they conclude that the high antioxidant content of noni can battle the oxidative stress caused by the amount of lipid biosynthesis that does occur. The results from this animal study have further paved the way for clinical investigations to be carried out in order to clearly define the potential cardiovascular benefits of noni extract.

Noni: Then and Now
The tireless pursuit of uncovering scientific knowledge to help us understand the actions of noni on human health is ongoing, in part due to an interest in finding mechanisms to explain why the traditional use of noni was, and continues to be, so prominent. Additionally, exciting new areas of interest currently undergoing clinical investigation include cognitive function and athletic endurance.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving per container: 75

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *

Organic Noni (fruit) (Morinda citrifolia) 1300 mg *
Using 100% Organic material

* Daily Values not established.

Other ingredients:
Non-organic vegetable (polysaccharide) capsule.

Does Not Contain:
Milk, egg, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, sweeteners, starch, salt, or preservatives

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult with your physician. Women who are pregnant, nursing should consult with the physician before use. Do not us if safety seal is damaged or missing.

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