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EDT GL-PEP 240 Caps
EDT GL-PEP 240 Caps
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Physicians have recognized that glutamine supplementation is needed under conditions of stress. Just as athletes, bodybuilders, runners, etc.... But, they discovered that free form, unbonded glutamine is highly unstable in the body, breaking down so that it is not bioavailable, and does not reach the blood concentration levels needed to replenish healthy levels of glutamine. Peptide-bonded glutamine, is clinically proven to be highly stable in the body, very soluble in solution, readily absorbed by the digestive tract, and retained in the blood and body tissues. Peptides are amino acids linked to each other by strong, peptide bonds.

From a shortage of glutamine can cause the muscles to be broken down, releasing glutamine to the rest of the body, leading to muscle wasting. Especially for body-builders and other athletes undergoing vigorous training workouts on a regular basis, it is crucial to ensure that the body's stores of glutamine are maintained at healthy levels, through supplementation before and after training. The athlete must be sure to build up his or her blood glutamine level pre-workout, so the entire body has enough reserve glutamine to prevent glutamine depletion during or after a strenuous workout. Stored glutamine reserves are crucial to being able to function at a high level during an athletes workout. In athletic training, glutamine helps both muscle building and muscle protecting.

Pre-loading of glutamine with GL-PEP, in preparation for a strenuous workout, is the key to ensuring enough glutamine reserves and preventing depletion of the glutamine levels. Replenishing glutamine is critical to maximum performance. After-workout supplementation is essential to restoring depleted blood levels of glutamine used up by heavy training. The rebuilding of energy levels and restoration of the protein building blocks supplied by glutamine are key to preparing for, performing, and afterward sustaining the full benefit of a strenuous workout. Glutamine supplementation improves your overall performance and recovery from strenuous workouts.

One of Glutamine's primary metabolic functions is that it helps to regulate glucose metabolism. Glutamine converts to glucose without changing insulin or glucagon levels. These are the hormones that regulate blood sugar. During carbohydrate depletion, glutamine can increase body fat loss without loss of lean body mass. Glutamine provides a high-energy source for maintaining muscle function, by converting to glucose, which turns into glycogen stores in the muscles. Glutamine is a key contributor to repair of gastrointestinal tract cells and the immune system - where it contributes to nucleic acid synthesis, which is essential to cell growth throughout the body. Glutamine supplementation helps hard-training athletes, or someone with injury recover faster.

GL-PEP Glutamine Peptide is used for:

- Building lean muscle tissue
- Help increase HGH release
- Supports protein synthesis
- Lose body fat while retaining lean muscle mass
- Improve immune function
- Optimizing brain function

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 240

Amount Per Serving:

Active Ingredient:
Peptide Bonded Glutamine-800 mg.

Take 2-5 capsules 1-2 times per day. Take one of the doses directly after workout.

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