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Global Formulas BioTestpf 120 caps
Global Formulas BioTestpf 120 caps
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BioTestpf takes testosterone enhancement to a new level, promoting lean muscle gains through a series of several ultra-high potency, cutting edge standardized extracts. BioTestpf will optimize muscle gains while promoting a lean, dense physique. You'll swear you're on the strongest prohormones, with the knowledge that it's all natural and safe.

*Stimulates natural testosterone output *Promotes extreme muscle “hardness” *Helps prevent overtraining and enhance well being *Dramatically increases positive nitrogen balance *Suppresses cortisol, helping to prevent muscle tissue breakdown *Increases libido and performance

Q What makes BioTestpf different than any other pro-testosterone formula?
A BioTestpf is more than just a pro-testosterone formula. BioTestpf is a multi-target anabolic system designed to build lean, dense muscle, enhance strength, provide muscle hardness, and boost libido.

Q How can one product do all this?
A BioTestpf is formulated to specifically address all mechanisms that contribute to lean muscle growth. There are many facets involved in building a lean, dense physique, including testosterone production, preventing overtraining, improving nitrogen retention, suppressing cortisol, increasing blood flow and nutrient uptake, etc. BioTestpf stimulates every possible mechanism creating an anabolic environment conducive to hypertrophy (lean muscle gains).

Q How does the quality of BioTestpf compare to all the other “so called” pro-testosterone formulas?
A There is no comparison. Compare BioTestpf side by side to any other like product, and you will notice a startling difference. BioTestpf is formulated with only the highest extracts of vitally important ingredients. We do not “fluff” our products with loads of proprietary ingredients. If you see herb, fruit, leaf, stem, plant, etc., it is impossible to deliver the exact component of that ingredient to deliver the desired results.

Q How will increasing testosterone levels help me?
A Testosterone is the most powerful muscle building hormone in your body. Enhanced testosterone levels improve strength, recovery, fat loss, and above all else, lean dense muscle tissue, with proper protein intake.

Q Should I increase my protein intake while on bioTestpf?
A Absolutely; one of the main functions of BioTestpf is to increase positive nitrogen balance. Simply put, it improves your muscle cell’s ability to absorb more amino acids than normal, thereby speeding recovery and increasing lean dense muscle tissue.

Q I’m not a bodybuilder. Can I still benefit from taking BioTestpf?
A Yes; you don’t have to be a heavy lifter to benefit from everything BioTestpf has to offer. Weekend warriors, runners, cyclists, and even those just wanting to look and feel better will benefit greatly.

Q How soon can I expect results?
A Most BioTestpf users notice amazing results within the first 4-7 days of proper use. A definite increase in strength, muscle hardness, and incredible recovery between workouts are achieved when following the dosing schedule.

Q For best results, how should I take BioTestpf?
A Many BioTestpf users report amazing results when taking 4 capsules twice daily, with protein, on workout days, and 2 capsules twice daily, with protein, on non-workout days. Global Formulas designs products for maximum results, therefore optimal results are achieved when taking 4 capsules twice daily, every day with a protein shake or a protein rich meal. This may seem tedious, but the results are astonishing.

Q Is BioTestpf safe?
A Absolutely. BioTestpf is formulated with all natural ingredients. There are no pro-hormones or stimulants. BioTestpf will not suppress testosterone, nor will it elevate estrogen levels. BioTestpf is safe for all healthy adults.

Q Can women take BioTestpf?
A Amazingly, women account for a great deal of BioTestpf users. The attributes of BioTestpf, such as increased recovery, and muscle hardness have women feeling tone, energetic, and an enhanced feeling of well being, with no side effects!

Q How do Global Formulas products compare with everything else on the market?
A Global Formulas has set a standard in the industry that is unequaled. The use of “chelation technology enhanced delivery systems, and our commitment to formulating only products that will exceed expectations for quality, taste, and unparalleled results has produced loyal customers worldwide. You can be assured that every product will be at the top of its respective category. Take the time to educate yourself, and you will begin to understand the commitment we have made to produce the highest quality products in the industry.

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