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AmiLean 8 fl oz
AmiLean 8 fl oz
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Clinically Tested to Attack Stubborn Areas

- Lose Inches
- Shrink Waistline
- Radiant Healthy Skin
- Tone Body
- Anti-Cellulite

AmiLean Toning Lotion, an innovative product created by AmiLean, is a lotion which is designed to help you tone up your body, lose inches, shrink your waistline, promote healthy skin, and help eradicate cellulite buildup in those “problem areas”.

Many times we work our bodies to the bone, to tone them up, and get rid of that unwanted body fat, but we are left with those “problem areas” (the stomach, the arms, the thighs and the buttocks). It seems almost impossible to get the desired results with just exercise alone. We're often left with a layer of fat which we can't just seem to shake off. In men it's generally around our midriffs, and For Women it's generally those embarrassing little dimples they get on their thighs from cellulite.

The Tried and True, and Forever Blue

There are many procedures and injections available on the market today such as; liposuction, costly injections, and cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction is a very costly and dangerous procedure, if not performed properly you can have excess bits of fat floating around in your body, just waiting to cause a plug somewhere vital.. Not to mention your stomach is generally in agony for weeks afterward!

Costly injections were another way to go, but these have found to have very adverse side effects if used for the long term. They generally worked in a way which was to burn the fat off using harmful chemical compounds.. And you don't really want to be injecting that sort of junk into your body do you?

Cosmetic surgery has been used for a long time. Stapling, Tucking, Sucking, all the ING's have been used, not with much success, as they cause more harm to the body than good.

AmiLean has spent a lot of time and money researching this problem, and have come up with the solution; AmiLean Toning Lotion.

And the solution is... Asthma Medicine?

Around 15 years ago, the boys over at UCLA observed a very interesting phenomena.. When they injected test subjects with Aminophylline (this is something used in Asthma treatment to help open the airways) they noticed that there were “holes” left near the injection sites.

Aminophylline Delivers

It appears that the Aminophylline helped to burn off the surrounding fat in the area. That got the old wheels turning and they began rapidly searching for a way to get these results, but with a topical cream. The initial problem was that when administered in a topical cream, the aminophylline was taking too long to get to the fat, and was losing a lot of it's effectiveness.

They finally had a breakthrough, and discovered that by using liposomes (something akin to tiny bubbles) they can effectively administer the Aminophylline to the areas its needed most at full potency.

To get the best results with AmiLean Toning Lotion, you will want to apply twice daily (once in the morning when you wake up, and once before you go to hit the gym) for the first 60 days, and after that only once daily will be needed for optimum results.

Other Ingredients:
Water‚ Maltodextrin‚ Whey protein isolate‚ Phosporic acid‚ Fructose‚ Dextrose‚ Taurine‚ Betaine‚ Natural flavors‚ Calcium citrate‚ Glycine‚ L-Arginine‚ Citric acid‚ Magnesium citrate‚ Potassium citrate‚ Potassium citrate‚‚ L-Leucine‚ Glycerin‚ Dipotassium phosphate‚ Disodium phosphate‚ L-Isoleucine‚ Vitamin Mineral Premix (ascorbic acid‚ D-Calcium pantothenate‚ Niacinamide‚ Zinc Oxide‚ Pyridoxine hydrochloride‚ Manganese sulfate‚ Vitamin A palmitate‚ Cholercalciferol‚ d‚1-alpha Tocopheryl acetate‚ Riboflavin‚ Thiamin mononitrate‚ Cupric oxide‚ Folic acid‚ Biotin‚ Potassium iodide‚ Chromium chloride‚ Sodium selenite‚ Sodium molybdate‚ Cyanocobalamin‚ Inositol)‚ L-Valine‚ Choline bitartrate‚ Sucralose‚ Caffeine‚ Sodium chloride‚ Rice oligodextrin‚ FD&C Red No. 40 and FD&C Blue No. 1.

Apply AmiLean twice daily on the desired areas you wish to tighten and tone. For best results massage in to the skin for 30 seconds, once in the morning and once before working out in the early evening. After using AmiLean for 60 days, apply once daily, either first thing in the morning or before working out.

For Topical use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Not for individuals under 18 years of age. Before using slimming gel on a regular basis, test it on a small area of your forearm. If extreme redness/rash or itching occurs, discontinue use.

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