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EFX K-Otic 32 Serv
EFX K-Otic 32 Serv
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The majority also gave us stomach aches, and some also produced what we called a "geranium hangover". To be fair, there were a couple of standouts in the mix. But we knew there had to be a way to slam something down, go "punish the iron" with maximum brutal intensity, and then leave the gym feeling like wed really killed it that day. Isn't that why we put our bodies thru hell and back?

So we set out to fix what we saw as major flaws. Then, we dialed in the formula by innovating it with some pretty aggressive and innovative technologies. The end result is a product that offers you a way to experience the most hardcore workouts ever! You get everything you need in just one hyper-concentrated dose to go in and "Punish The Iron"!

5 Mind Blowing Reasons Why You Should Never Train Without K-OTIC

Stimulate An Inner Animalistic Aggression To Get Your Mind & Muscles Primed!
Let's face it. Some days you just don't feel like training. And on others, you have a good workout, but you know deep down you could do even better. K-OTIC is the answer! Not only will you get jacked up, but you will literally WANT to train like an animal. What more do we need to say?

Kre-Alkalyn EFX Creatine Delivers 28% More Strength Than Regular Creatine!
High powered, hardcore training demands you have the best creatine fueling your hard working muscle cells. Hands down, Kre-Alkalyn EFX is that creatine. This multi-patented, multi-award winning compound has been shown in clinical studies to outperform the gold standard, creatine monohydrate, by a whopping 28%. Can you say "swole"?

Unleash Anabolic Compounds Upon Working Muscles To Destroy Plateaus!
Not only will you have the strength and muscle-gorging advantage of Kre-Alkalyn EFX creatine, but you also get beta Alanine, AKG, Citrulline-malate (all using our exclusive Dextro-CyclodizedTM delivery technology) working for you. But wait! You also get a healthy shot of our highly potent anabolic amplifier Taxadrol. Nothing ramps up strength and aggression like testosterone! Heads will turn when you start repping with what used to be your 1 rep max!

Hyper-Concentrated, True 1 Scoop Dose For Continuous Euphoric Energy!
Don't be fooled by products that recommend one scoop, but then tell you to use up to 3 (which is the 'real' dose!). Look. All you need is one small scoop of K-OTIC to turn you on! And forget about an upset stomach or workout killing energy crashes. We fixed that mess. You WON't be sprinting to the bathroom...and you WON'T crash and burn! Fact is, your training partners will freaking quit on you while you scream, "Next Set!"

No Geranium Or Other WADA Banned Compounds!
We didn't we join the "ingredient of the month" club and use Geranium in K-OTIC for two major reasons. For one, it's banned by WADA (they have by its chemical name methylhexaneamine on their official list). We have countless professional and Olympic athletes who trust us, so it wasn't even an option. Second, we hated the after-effects across the board. K-OTIC isn't some gimmicky pre-workout product, this is a serious tool for hardcore athletes. If you aren't willing to pay your dues one hard set at time, then K-OTIC isn't for you!

Psycho-Active Mind & Muscle Connection

K-OTIC is literally going to hit you fast and right between the eyes. Because of its unique delivery system, you'll be primed in as little as 15 minutes for an all-out war against the iron. It'll jumpstart your neurotransmitters while simultaneously flipping the switch on your inner animal aggression. You'll experience a new feeling of "domination" from our anabolic amplifier Taxadrol. We've added just enough to help you bulldoze through your toughest workouts by giving you added mental and physical drive.

Psycho-Active Power

K-OTIC may push you closer to a new personal record with every training session, and its key anabolic compounds will help you add the strength and confidence to pull it off. Some days your progress will not be measured by a new single rep increase, but maybe 3... 4... or even more!*

Psycho-Active Energy

The single scoop sustained-release energy of K-OTIC happens in continuous "stealth" phases with no lag time. This means you're pushing all the way through your workout with the same drive you had on the first rep of the very first set! You'll "Punish The Iron" one hardcore rep at a time. You may also experience rock-hard fullness, pumps and swole.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop (14.28g)
Servings Per Container 32

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

Vitamin C 25mg 42
Niacin 25mg 125
Vitamin B6 2mg 100
Folate (Folic Acid) 400mcg 100
Vitamin B12 1g 16,667
Calcium Carbonate 750mg 30
Caffeine 300mg ^
Psycho Anabloic Propriety Blend 11.8g ^

Anabolic Strength & Muscle Building Componets:
Kre-Alkalyn EFX (Buffered creatine monohydrate), Taxadrol (hidafolia)

Muscle Gorging Compounds (All Dextro-Cyclodized):
Beta Alanine, Arginine-alphla-ketoglutarate (ph-Xact), Citrulline-malate, (cycloamylose)

K-Otic Delivery Accelerant & Uptake Matrix:
Karbolyn (homopolysaccharide), Phosphate

Psycho Intensifying, Sustained Release Energy System:
L-Tyrosine, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, 3,7 Dimethylxanthine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, 1,3 Dimethylxanthine,
Kre-Alkaloid (white tea, Black Tea, Green Tea), DHB Bioperine.

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
^ Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients:
Citric Acid, natural & artificial flavors, sucralose, FD&C red #40

Take one scoop with 10 ounces of water 15 to 20 minutes prior to workout. For use on training days only.

Do not exceed the suggested daily dose. Limit the use of caffeine while taking this product. Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally rapid heart beat. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not take 4 hours prior to bedtime as sleeplessness may occur. Reduce or discontinue use if sleeplessness, tremors, dizziness, nervousness, headaches, or heart palpitations occur. This product is only intended to be consumed by health adults 18 and over. Keep out of reach of children.

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