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USP Labs Powerfull 90 caps
USP Labs Powerfull 90 caps
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Product Highlights

- Scientifically proven to increase natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production by at least 221% in just one dose!
- Significantly increase natural Testosterone production by at least 53%!
- Dramatically increase quality of sleep.
- Significantly increase endurance -
- Get more out of each hour of sleep – Feel better on less sleep!
- Drastically increase sex drive and libido!
- Improves skin tone through regeneration – Unlike ProHormones and Steroids that destroy your skin, PowerFULL will improve complexion – Another clear reason you’re naturally producing large amounts of HGH!
- Increases blood flow to penis – Your unit will be engorged with blood, leading to increased size and pleasure!
- Last longer in bed –Bang like a porn star!
- Helps restore natural hormonal production after a cycle of steroids or pro-hormones.
- Greatly enhanced Mind/Muscle connection - By increasing dopamine, the dopamine neurons of the brain are activated that are essential for normal movement and sensori-motor integration. Improves athletic movements and increase contractile strength with weight training.

As you can see PowerFULL truly delivers. No wonder why it has become the best-selling supplement in history never to be advertised!

No doubt you’ve seen the products that claim to be HGH boosters. They promise the world, but as you probably know they are a load of crap!

PowerFULL is different as you can feel it working (I’ll explain in a minute), but let me first tell you how PowerFULL stacks up to the all-mighty HGH…

PowerFULL vs. Human Growth Hormone

Clinical and real world feedback proves PowerFULL outperforms HGH in a safe, effective manner. Both products promote deep restful sleep, improved skin tone, and increase in muscle mass.

Synthetic illegal HGH will increase HGH levels, but will also shut down your own natural HGH production…When you stop injecting HGH, your body stops making it!

You will have to go through a refractory period where your body has less HGH than a 100 year old man! It’s no fun unless you consider muscle loss, no energy, no sex drive, not being able to get a hard on and bad skin a good time…

With PowerFULL, your HGH levels can more than double naturally and never put your body in a position where you stop producing HGH.

PowerFULL Increases HGH Levels As Much As 3 IU’s Of Intramuscular (injected into muscle) Synthetic HGH Does!

Take into consideration the chart below. PowerFULL does much more than just increase Human Growth Hormone.

PowerFULL is the obvious choice. PowerFULL is effectiveness is not a question. PowerFULL will not cause any felonies with purchase. Unlike HGH, PowerFULL will increase Testosterone levels, buffers lactic acid, increases muscular coordination, and significantly reduces Prolactin (a female hormone that can lead to sexual dysfunction, hair loss, sex drive, fatigue, depression and headaches or vision loss)!

What Makes PowerFULL So Potent?

A few years back a compound hit the bodybuilding scene with a lot of promise. It had great scientific research to back it up. That compound’s name was L-Dopa.

As you may know, L-Dopa could never duplicate its scientific performance in the real world. For one reason: L-Dopa could never cross the blood brain barrier…it would get absorbed in the blood stream and all hope of increased HGH production was lost!

In order for the brain to turn L-Dopa into dopamine…and therefore shoot HGH levels through the roof…this major obstacle had to be overcome…

At USP Labs we knew if we could come up with a bioavailable form of L-Dopa that had the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier it would help bodybuilders everywhere increase natural HGH release, natural Testosterone production, drive sex drive through the roof, build muscle, lose body fat and sleep like a rock.

Well, you will be glad when you hear we have succeeded! But, we totally skipped the L-Dopa part and discovered a brand new compound that’s closely related and is readily available for the body to use!

It’s called 1-C and it’s here to rock your world…

1-C, or 1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol(3,4 diol), is closely related to l-Dopa. In the past, many supplements touted L-Dopa as the next BIG THING in the supplement industry, but if failed miserably.

Synthetic L-dopa was created by the pharmaceutical industry to use in Parkisons disease to increase Dopamine levels that could increase muscle coordination. The research was good and bad mainly because Parkisons is not a well understood disease yet.

Again, in a study done in India, it was found that 1-C (a natural l-Dopa derivative) increased HGH levels through increasing dopamine levels naturally.

That means…

1-C Completely Crossed The Blood/Brain Barrier And Shot HGH Production Through The Roof By 221% In Just One Dose!

In addition, this amazing compound also increased Testosterone levels similar to 100mg of exogenous testosterone!

I understand what you are saying… “Jacob, HGH supplements are touted as the most ineffective supplements in the industry. I’ve tried them I know just how crappy they are!”

As I mentioned earlier, I’m gonna agree with you on this one. I’ve been let down more times than I’d like to admit on supplements that promised me increased HGH release.

But PowerFULL has HGH releasing effects you can feel…No other product can claim that.

About 20-40 minutes after taking PowerFULL you will begin to yawn. Now you won’t be real tired, just feeling a calm sense of relaxation and peace. This is the sign of your body releasing HGH. So yawning is good!

HGH surges create deep restful sleep. PowerFULL increasing deep sleep and the only explanation is an increase in HGH levels. PowerFULL users experience deep restful sleep.

Also, while studying 1-C, we found some interesting alkaloids that have shown to dramatically increase sperm production. In case you weren’t aware, sperm production is directly correlated with increased Testosterone levels.

The specific alkaloids are…

Specific bioactive alkaloids Mucunine Purienine, Pruriendine (MPP)
Specific Triterpene steroid saponins and saponegins from Chlorophytum Borivilianum
As if wasn’t enough, we’ve added another unique compound to the PowerFULL formula. (They don’t call USP Labs “The Herbal Extract Experts” for nothing).

PurSap is the second weapon in the PowerFULL arsenal.

PurSap is pretty cool (and unique) because it’s a Hormonal Adaptagens. You may not have heard much about Hormonal Adaptagens just yet. But I promise you this will be a buzz term you will hear for years to come. Just remember where you heard it first…

Your body responds to stress with hormonal release. Whether it’s stress from work, the gym your girlfriend or even food you body always reacts with hormones. This can be good or bad – depending on which hormones are releases and in what quantity.

In short, Hormonal Adaptagens like the specific alkaloids found in PowerFULL, will make you body more efficient in response to stress. You will release more testosterone, less cortisol and estrogen and basically “supercharge” your hormonal output!

PureSap also supports physiological balance or homeostasis. It improves access to energy stores, helps to improve stamina and resistance to stress and tiredness, helps in mobilization of the body's nutritional resources, helps to normalize various indices such as blood pressure, or blood sugar, and improve function and well being.

Although PurSap’s action is primarily supportive and restorative, it treats male sexual inadequacies like oligospermia (low sperm count), lack of libido, impotency, etc. It appears to assist the hormone control systems of the body, making them more efficient. Since these hormones are ‘conductors’ of the entire orchestra of physiological process their effect will cascade throughout the body.

Stigmasterol, the chief ingredient of PureSap, is structurally similar to that of Testosterone, which can enhance the blood level of this hormone.

Since PowerFULL has so many positive benefits, it’s impossible to place into one category. It’s more than an HGH booster. It’s more than a testosterone Booster. It’s more than a sexual stimulant. It’s more than a sleep aid.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90+

Amount Per Serving:
PowerFULL: 750mg
PureSap(tm)(Extract enginereered Sapogenin/Alkaloids from Chlorphylum)
PureDopa(tm)(1-carboxy-2-amino-3-pyrobenzol(3,4 diol)
Extract Engineered from Dolichos pruriens L.

Other Ingredients:

Workout Days:
Take 1 capsule in the morning 30 minutes prior to food intake, 2 capsules 30 minutes before exercise and 1 capsule before bed.
Rest Days:
Take 1 capsule in the morning 30 minutes prior to food intake, 1 capsule 6 hours later 30 minutes prior to food intake, and 1 capsule before bed.

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